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FitCheck Solo™

FitCheck Solo™ is a product of Michael and Associates and is based on the HPD Well-Fit™ system developed by and licensed from CDC/NIOSH. This innovative system was developed by leading experts based on current industry needs. FitCheck Solo is the only Field Attenuation Estimation System (FAES) that does not require any external hardware. This is a huge advantage of this system. No communication errors, power supplies or cumbersome cabling requirements. Standard FitCheck headphones are used, and subject responses can be made via keyboard or via an external mouse. An inexpensive wireless mouse works great for this purpose. Many features are similar to the standard FitCheck system. Unoccluded test runs can be used for multiple occluded runs on the same test day, up to 7 test frequencies are can be selected by the test administrator, excellent reporting capabilites and convenient data storage. A 24-bit sound card is required, but this is now standard on most PCs.